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Clock designed by John Newman, Letterkenny, Clock Tower and surrounds designed by George Goldie. Erected 1861. Culdaff stone and Scotch Granite. Removed and lost 1950.

Photograph. TIFF Showing exterior and interior views of St. Saviour's Dominican Roman Catholic church, Limerick. Architect: George Goldie.

St. Mary's, Convoy, Exterior, East..tif
The new Church was dedicated by Bishop McGettigan on March 25th 1866. An older church had existed from 1795, St. Mary's was closed in 1971 and a new church was built. The church was demolished in 1985 and all that remains of the nineteenth-century…

Scool still in use today. Built 1866-9. Opened 1869. Architect: George Goldie. Classical Features.

Photographs of St. John's Seminary, Waterford designed by the architect George Goldie. Now, a housing unit.

Photograph of exterior of Chapel. The chapel was extended to the rear and roof repaired in 1866 by George Goldie. Exterior alterations in 1873/4 also by George Goldie. Images show present day (TIFF) and altar image pre-1970.
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